Competency Tracking
& Learning Management System

  • Free your training staff to perform useful tasks instead of chasing paperwork.
  • Achieve painless regulatory compliance with automatic reminders and comprehensive reporting.
  • Make effective use of worker downtime with online courses.
  • Prepare for personnel changes with succession and progression planning.
Effortless training, tracking, and compliance.
Built for Industry, not Schools.

Enjoy the SCORM-compliant E-learning you expect from an LMS combined with the competency tracking and comprehensive reporting that industry demands.

Protect your Employees. Protect Yourself.

Attack training deficiencies with skill gap analysis and automatic email notifications.

Win the War for Talent.

Design career progression paths to motivate your workers and facilitate career development.

Fast. Agile. Versatile.

Reduce frustration with our clear, responsive design. Access your training on desktops, tablets, or mobile devices.

Streamline your Training Process.

Optimize your training pipeline with self-directed online learning and classroom administration tools.

Service, not Software.

Don’t worry about software upgrades, database maintenance, or increased IT costs. Our hosted solution makes setup and administration easy.

Competitive, Simple, Transparent Pricing.

Unlike other LMS systems, we publish our prices. Email support, video & file hosting, and corporate branding are included at no additional cost. We don't charge for inactive workers.

Optional Concierge Service.

Transitioning from another LMS, competency management system, or even a pile of spreadsheets is easy with our concierge service. Please contact us for further details and pricing.

Pay only for what you use.
Frequently Asked Questions
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Does Right on Track work on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones? What about my iPad?

Yes. Right on Track will run on any device with a modern browser and an Internet connection.

What are the system requirements?

Right on Track is web-based, so it will run on any device with a modern browser and an internet connection. We support the two most recent versions of any browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Mobile Safari, Chrome for Android).

Can I use Right on Track with Internet Explorer 7 or other legacy browsers?

Right on Track takes advantage of the capabilities of modern browsers. While you can still use it with IE7, some non-essential screens will be unavailable. We recommended that you upgrade your browser to a more recent version for best results.

What is SCORM?

SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is an e-learning package specification. SCORM-compliant modules can be used in any SCORM-compliant LMS (Learning Management System). This interoperability allows you to easily migrate your content when you switch between learning management systems. SCORM modules can contain interactive quizzes, videos, animations, etc.

What is an LMS?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is software used to administer, document, analyze, and track e-learning courses.

Is Right on Track SCORM-compliant?

Yes. Right on Track uses the Rustici SCORM Engine, which is fully compliant with AICC, SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, and Tin Can (also called "The Experience API" or "Next Generation SCORM").

For billing purposes, what is an 'active worker'?

An active worker is a worker that has at least one position assigned during the month. Inactive workers are included in historical reports, but not current reports. They cannot access training materials or SCORM content.

For billing purposes, what is a 'SCORM enrollment'?

A SCORM enrollment is billed when a worker launches a SCORM course for the first time after it is assigned. A SCORM enrollment is also created after the course is completed once, then restarted (i.e., for a competency which expires after a given period of time).

How do I create SCORM-compliant e-Learning courses?

Many third-party authoring tools are available to create SCORM courses. These allow you to generate content, such as randomized exams that draw from multiple question banks. There are also tools which convert PowerPoint presentations or videos to SCORM content. Finally, some companies sell off-the-shelf SCORM content for common requirements such as safety training.

Can I link to my existing training files (such as manuals or SOPs) on my intranet or on the internet?

Yes. You can link to content on your intranet or on the internet. This is especially useful if there are files on your system that change frequently (such as standard operating procedures). Note that workers will only be able to access files on your intranet while they are connected to your intranet. Also, SCORM courses must be uploaded for workers to use them.

Can I store my training files (videos, PowerPoint presentations, etc.) on your site?

Yes, you can upload your files to our site so that they're always available to trainees. Note that SCORM courses must be uploaded for workers to use them.

Can I generate historical reports?

Yes, you can generate training reports showing worker competency at any point in the past, as long as the data has been entered in our system.

What other reports can I generate?

You can generate reports to show worker competency at a given time, worker scores, training costs, training time tracked, training requirements for different positions, or organization layout. Auto-filtering is used on many of the reports so you can easily target the subset of the information you want to see.

What format does Right on Track use for reports?

Reports are generated in the OpenOffice XML format and can be opened with Microsoft Excel.

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